News Roundup: Transit Safety

A collection of recent news:

  • Lynnwood road is sinking an inch per year (March 26, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Travelers feels unsafe at Everett Station, report finds (March 30, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • From the Edmonds Mayor: The importance of a vibrant community (April 3, 2015, My Edmonds News)

  • Residents urge Edmonds School District to sell property next to Esperance Park to Snohomish County Parks (April 3, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Compromise courthouse plan adds 300 parking spaces not there before (April 6, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Liias: Senate’s proposed Capital Budget funds Civic Center field land acquisition, Edmonds Pier renovation, Meadowdale playfields (April 8, 2015, My Edmonds News)

  • Rezone of Edmonds’ Westgate commercial area approved, with amendments (April 8, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Manor Hardware building torn down (April 8, 2015, Lynnwood Today)

  • Xfinity Arena at Everett Paints A Bleak Financial Picture Including $700k For A Scoreboard (April 9, 2015, My Everett News)

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