Seattle Skyscraper Projects Infographic – June 2015


Several large buildings are being proposed, under construction, or recently completed in Seattle, adding homes, offices, stores, parking, and more to meet demand. Featured in this infographic are building projects in Seattle which include skyscrapers at least 250’ tall.


45 current projects are featured in this infographic, and an additional 2 projects are included in the map and table but do not have adequate information to be included with the other projects.

The infographic was created using data from different architect, developer, government, and news websites, with much of the information coming from design review documents from the City of Seattle.

The minimum height threshold was increased from 200′ to 250′, due to some buildings close to 200′ not fitting common definitions of a skyscraper, such as having a larger height than width.

Removed due to completion:
Premiere on Pine

Recently completed:

Started construction:
9th & Lenora
Kinects Tower
Tower 12
Tilt 49

Moved from under construction to proposed:
2000 3rd Avenue

New proposals:
1901 Minor Avenue*
2326 6th Avenue*
2301 7th Avenue*
403 Dexter Avenue N
1933 5th Avenue

Removed due to confirmed or likely cancellation:
500 Terry Avenue

Removed due to height lower than 250′:
6th & Bell Data Center (257′ revised to 171′)
Embassy Suites at Stadium Place/Stadium Towers Embassy Suites^ (240′)
Hawk Tower at Stadium Place/Stadium Towers South^ (240′)
Stadium Place North (200′)

Total Changes:
13,394 (+1,076) Residential Units
562,130 (+73,529) Retail Sq. Ft.
9,157,867 (+570,810) Commercial Sq. Ft.
2,800 (-157) Hotel Rooms
22,066 (+2,007) Parking Spaces

Information Changed:
Rainier Square Redevelopment (Name changed from Rainier Square Project; -4′; -2 units; +41,000 sq ft retail; -10,000 sq ft commercial; +30 hotel rooms; -321 parking spaces)
The Mark (Name changed from Fifth & Columbia)
2&U (More info; -6 floors; -13,000 sq ft retail)
Cirrus (Name changed from 2030 8th Avenue)
Kinects Tower (+1 floor; -10 units; +800 sq ft retail; -35 parking spaces)
Potala Tower (-3 units; -919 sq ft retail; -23 parking spaces)
Tower 12 (Name changed from 2nd & Virginia North)
970 Denny (Name changed from 970 Denny Way; +2′; +1 floor; -43 units; -100 sq. ft; -109 parking spaces)
Tilt 49 (-2 floors; +42 units)
1613 2nd Avenue (+1 floor; -34 units; +1,561 sq ft retail; +14 parking spaces)
Seattle Times Project – South Site* (Name changed from Onni Project South; +3’/+14′; -1 floor/-1 floor; -17 units; +3,880 sq ft retail; +547 parking spaces)
Seattle Times Project – North Site* (Name changed from Onni Project North; +2’/+22′; -25 units; -1,172 sq ft retail; +385 parking spaces)
Midtown21 (Name changed from 1007 Stewart)

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