Seattle Skyscraper Projects Infographic – December 2017


Several large buildings are being proposed, under construction, or recently completed in Seattle, adding homes, offices, stores, parking, and more to meet demand. Featured in this infographic are building projects in Seattle which include skyscrapers at least 250’ tall.


56 current projects are featured in this infographic, and an additional 9 projects are included in the map and table but do not have adequate information to be included with the other projects.

The infographic was created using data from different architect, developer, government, and news websites, with much of the information coming from design review documents from the City of Seattle.

Total changes:
20,520 (+230) Residential Units
698,139 (-41,435) Retail Sq. Ft.
6,954,379 (-1,462,213) Commercial Sq. Ft.
2,984 (+497) Hotel Rooms
21,719(-1,095) Parking Spaces

New proposals:
3rd & Cherry
824 Howell
8th and Cherry
1024 Stewart Street
1916 Boren Avenue
2200 Block
314 Bell Street
The Net

Started construction:
Rainier Square Redevelopment
3rd and Lenora
The Emerald
Amazon Block 21
620 Terry Senior Housing
Second & Wall

Recently completed:
Madison Centre
AMLI Arc/Tilt 49

Removed due to completion:

Removed due to cancellation:
888 Tower
Civic Square
401 8th Avenue North

Information changed:
Altitude Hotel & Residences (+58′; +5 floors; +20 units; -402 retail sq. ft.; +25 hotel rooms; +15 parking spaces)
8th & Pine (-11′; +1 floor; -45 units; -541 retail sq. ft.; -3 hotel rooms; -15 parking spaces)
Madison Centre (-600 retail sq. ft.; +7,000 commercial sq. ft.)
2005 5th Avenue (+10′; -5 floors; +20 units; retail added; +125,343 commercial sq. ft; parking added)
1800 Terry (+1′)
Kinects (Name changed from Kinects Tower; +1 unit)
NEXUS (+7 units)
The 8 Tower (+234 retail sq. ft.)
110 9th Avenue N (-5′; -5,666 retail sq. ft.; -386 parking spaces)
121 Boren Avenue N (-1 unit; +253 retail sq. ft.; +2 parking spaces)
Spring Street North Block West (+5′; +1 unit; -8 parking spaces)
Spring Street North Block East (+2′; +1 unit; -151 retail sq. ft.; +1,939 commercial sq. ft.)
WSCC Addition Site B (+10′; +1 floor; -5 units; +1,872 retail sq. ft.)
9th & John Apartments (+1′; +11 units; +659 retail sq. ft.; -4 parking spaces)
Amazon Block 18 (+1,789 retail sq. ft.)
111 Westlake Avenue N (-5′; -18,690 retail sq. ft; -18,690 retail sq. ft.; -19,820 commercial sq. ft.; +309 parking spaces)
WSCC Addition Site C (+14′; +1,014 retail sq. ft.; +22,297 commercial sq. ft.)
Swedish Medical Center Block 95 (Height added)

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