Mountlake Terrace Development Photos: November 2013 Part 1

Brook Glen, Mountlake Terrace, WA

The following photos were taken in Mountlake Terrace on November 16, 2013. The projects shown here are:

  • Mountlake Townhomes
  • Promenade Living @ Town Square
  • Cedar Cottages
  • Brook Glen

Neighborhood-wise, the 1st project is in Downtown Mountlake Terrace, the 2nd project is at the Downtown/Gateway border, the 3rd project is in Gateway, and the 4th project is in Cedar Terrace.


Mountlake Townhomes
23408 & 23410 55th Ave W

Located one street east of 56th Ave W, designated as the “main street” by the city, this project includes 12 townhomes and a “pedestrian activity area”.

The site is surrounded on three sides by ramblers.

Looking south on 55th Ave W, the project site is seen to the right next to the pickup truck. The rest of the block mainly consists of single-story ramblers, and Arbor Village Apartments is visible in the background.


Promenade Living @ Town Square
23713 56th Ave W

This .83 acre project on the “main street” includes a 3-story building with 47 residential units and commercial eating/drinking spaces. Also included are surface and underground parking, and shared open space. The new building will replace a house.

Located to the south of the project site is a mosque.

Located to the north of the site is Maple Court Apartments and Arbor Village Apartments.

The current site has a house with trees, which will be replaced by the planned building.


Cedar Cottages
24226 52nd Ave W

This .83 acre project includes 9 cottage homes and 1 carriage unit. The current site has a house.

The current house is behind some trees.

North of the building site at 236th St SW & 52nd Ave W, there’s a small sign of interest (the lack of crosswalk curb ramps is not of interest though).

Looks like the house occupants are moving out. There is no information available about the status of the existing house.


Brook Glen
23811 Cedar Way

This project includes 14 townhomes in 6(?) buildings. The townhomes were first planned in 1998, with construction recently occurring. Some buildings have been completed, and the rest are either not constructed yet or currently under construction. The first seven townhomes completed have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

The streetlamps are short, which prevents light from being directed toward the townhome windows.

It appears that the project is located on a driveway to a preexisting house, with the land along the driveway being developed.

Located directly west to the project is Lyon Creek, which begins in wetlands in southern Snohomish County and travels south to Lake Forest Park, where it empties into Lake Washington.

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Photos taken on November 16, 2013.

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