Mountlake Terrace Development Photos: November 2013 Part 2

Monterra Townhomes, Mountlake Terrace, WA

The following photos were taken in Mountlake Terrace on November 16, 2013. The projects shown here are:

  • Aspen Lane
  • Monterra Townhomes
  • Terrace Heights Apartments
  • 52nd Ave West Apartments

Neighborhood-wise, all 4 projects are in Cascade View, located in the northeast corner of Mountlake Terrace, next to Lynnwood.


Aspen Lane
4028 214th St SW

Located north of Mountlake Terrace High School and east of 44th Ave W, this project was completed in late 2012 and includes 2 buildings with 3 townhomes each, for a total of 6 townhomes.

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Monterra Townhomes
4801 & 4802 214th Lane SW, 4803 & 4804 215th Lane SW, 21420 49th Court W

Located next to 48th Ave W, Monterra is a 53-unit townhome condo complex completed in 2011/2012, with each unit having 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a 2-car tandem garage (1 car wide & 2 cars long). Included is a small private park with a rain garden for cleaning and holding runoff, and two gazebos. The townhomes’ website says that every unit has been sold.

The townhomes photographed from 48th Ave W.

At left is 4804, and at right is 4803. 21420 is toward the back.

At left is 4803, and at right is 4802. These townhomes have entrances along this pathway.

At left is 4802, and at right is 4801.

Some of the townhomes in 4804. It’s San Francisco: Mountlake Terrace Edition.

Some of the townhomes in 21420.

More townhomes in 21420.

The small private park is located in a rain garden, and includes two gazebos, a birdhouse, trees, shrubs, and a footbridge.

Shrubs are planted along the driveways, and there are designated pedestrian pathways.

The “back” facades of the buildings are functional with no extra stuff, which is perfectly fine.

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Terrace Heights Apartments
4713 216th St SW

The project includes adding a 4-story 16-unit apartment building with parking to an existing 18-building 144-unit apartment complex built in 1990. The building replaced what the city described as a “caretaker” home. The address of the building under construction is not known, but is in the 21500 block of 48th Ave W. The address used here is the address used by the city for the project.

The new building construction is being managed by Blue Water Design Build LLC.

The new building is visible from 48th Ave W.

The new building has a different design than the other buildings in the apartment complex, and has an additional floor.

The other photos below show the rest of the apartment complex:

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52nd Ave West Apartments
21216 52nd Ave W

This project includes a 63-unit residential building with under-structure parking. The preexisting buildings have been demolished, and the .94 acre site is currently an empty lot. The project appears to be in planning or on hold.

The lot as seen from 52nd Ave W.

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Photos taken on November 16, 2013.

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