Lynnwood Development Photos: December 2013 Part 1

Lynnwood Crossroads, Lynnwood, WA

The following photos are of three different project sites in Lynnwood. All photos were taken on December 16, 2013. The projects shown here are:

  • Lynnwood Crossroads Shopping Center
  • NetRiver Building
  • B3 Breakfast & Burger Bar


Lynnwood Crossroads Shopping Center
Highway 99 & 196th St SW

Lynnwood Crossroads is a six-building 123,000 sq. ft. retail project located on the southwest corner of Highway 99 & 196th St SW, being developed by Sterling Realty Organization. The site formerly consisted of multiple small commercial structures and a gasoline station. Since the last visit to the site in September 2013, the LA Fitness opened on October 17.

Looking west from Highway 99.

Looking south along Highway 99.

Looking north along Highway 99.

The north side of the LA Fitness building.

The west side of the LA Fitness building.

Looking east from 64th Ave W, at the back of the complex.

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NetRiver Building
4200 194th St SW

This building was formerly an REI which moved to a then-new building at Alderwood Mall. The former retail building was converted into a data center owned by NetRiver that opened in 2006. Work on the building has been occurring for at least a few years.

The entrance from 194th St SW, looking south.

A driveway from 196th St SW is now blocked off.

The former driveway is now used as a construction junkyard.

A sign formerly at the main driveway at 194th St SW now rests on the old driveway.

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B3 Breakfast & Burger Bar
4025 196th St SW

Formerly at this location was the one-story The Local Yolk Café, which was damaged in a fire on August 29, 2012 and was demolished. The owners have rebuilt at the same location, and will open B3 Breakfast & Burger Bar. The building is located on the north side of 196th St SW, west of the intersection with 40th Ave W.

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Photos taken on December 16, 2013. Update April 9, 2014: Date corrected in Lynnwood Crossroads from June 2013, and address corrected from Alderwood Mall Parkway and 164th Street Southwest.

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