Mukilteo Development Photos: August 2014

Possession Heights, Mukilteo, WA

The following photos were taken in Mukilteo, Picnic Point CDP, and the Fairmount neighborhood of the former Paine Field-Lake Stickney CDP. The Picnic Point CDP and Fairmount are planned to be annexed by Mukilteo. The projects shown here are:

  • Bryland Ridge (Picnic Point CDP)
  • Azi Lee Estates (Picnic Point CDP)
  • The Vantage (Fairmount/Former Paine Field-Lake Stickney CDP)
  • Mukilteo Academy
  • Islamic Center of Mukilteo
  • Possession Heights
  • Westbrook Ridge
  • Pinecrest/Hidden Pointe

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Bryland Ridge
5028 Picnic Point Road, Edmonds, WA

This 1.28-acre project includes 13 new lots and a new public street, and a rezone from R-8400 to R-7200 (Residential-7200 sq. ft.). The current site formerly had two houses on a forested lot. The working name used on planning documents was “Bryland Ridge II”.

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Azi Lee Estates
Lincoln Way & 39th Place W, Lynnwood, WA

This complex of 62 single-family houses between Lincoln Way and Serene Way is currently under construction, and some homes have been completed. The completed first phase, formerly known as Tresana Estates, has 25 lots and its entrance is at 39th Place W. The second phase currently under construction, formerly known as Travata Heights, has 37 lots and its entrance is at 41st Avenue W.

The site along Lincoln Way was formerly undeveloped land with trees, and a single long-abandoned small house. The site along Serene Way was formerly a horse pasture with a home.

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The Vantage
12909 Mukilteo Speedway, Lynnwood, WA

This large project will consist of 201 apartments for households with up to 60% of the area’s household median income ($52,020 for a family of four). Space along Mukilteo Speedway is set aside for two additional apartment buildings, which are not currently being developed and aren’t counted as part of the 201 apartments.

Developed by DevCo/HNN Associates, the project’s working name was “Speedway Mixed Use”. Formerly on this site were an empty former truck lot, and 4 one-story duplexes next to Russell Way. The development also touches York Road to the north.

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Mukilteo Academy
12978 Beverly Park Road, Mukilteo, WA

A building for the private early education school has been completed on a former vacant lot. Their former location was in an office park next door at 13000.

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Islamic Center of Mukilteo
3900 Block Harbour Pointe Boulevard SW, Mukilteo, WA

This project includes a 4,000 square foot mosque. Currently on the site is a vacant forested lot.

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Possession Heights
7717 Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo, WA

This project includes building 14 single-family houses along a new private street named Hunttings Lane. The homes are being developed by Select Homes, and the development had a working name of “Huntting’s Hilltop”. Formerly on the site was one house.

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Westbrook Ridge
Goat Trail Road/70th Street SW & 70th Place SW, Mukilteo, WA

Located behind Mukilteo Elementary & Olympic View Middle Schools, this project includes building 22 single-family houses along a new street named 70th Place SW. The homes are being developed by CamWest/Toll Brothers.

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Pinecrest/Hidden Pointe
Campbell Avenue/11th Street & Ridge Street, Mukilteo, WA

Located in the existing 54-home Hidden Pointe development, Pinecrest includes 10 single-family houses, with 4 on the southern portion and 6 completed on the northern portion. The homes are being developed by Reliant Homes.

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Photos taken on August 29, 2014.

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