University District Development Photos: April 2014

Terry Hall, Seattle, WA

The following photos were taken in Seattle’s University District, on the University of Washington Seattle Campus. The projects shown here are:

  • Intellectual House
  • Montlake Triangle
  • University of Washington Link Light Rail Station
  • Burke-Gilman Trail Reconstruction
  • Maple Hall and Terry Hall

The photo gallery can be found here.


Intellectual House
E Stevens Way NE & Whitman Court NE, Seattle, WA

Also known as “Wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ” (pronounced “wah-sheb-altuh”) in the Lushotsheed language, the Intelllectual House project includes two buildings. The first to be constructed is a cedar longhouse-style building known as the Community Gathering Building, which contains event space, meeting rooms, and a kitchen. Also included are ceremonial and multi-purpose space outside. The second building to be constructed later is the Teaching and Learning Building, which contains meeting rooms and teaching space.

Formerly on the site was the N6 parking lot. Located to the east is McMahon Hall, a residence hall, and located to the northwest is Lewis Hall, which contains offices. To the north are Lewis Annex 1 and Lewis Annex 2.

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Montlake Triangle
Rainier Vista NE & NE Pacific Place, Seattle, WA

This project by the University of Washington will modify the southern end of Rainier Vista by grade-separating Rainier Vista NE, Burke-Gilman Trail, and NE Pacific Place. Additionally, the configuration of Montlake Triangle over the Triangle Parking Garage will be modified. When completed, a pedestrian overpass will be located over the trail and street. This project is in tandem with the University of Washington Station project. During construction, the Burke-Gilman Trail is diverted around the north end of the construction site.

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University of Washington Link Light Rail Station
3720 Montlake Boulevard NE, Seattle, WA

This station will be the northern terminus of Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail line, until the line is extended further north toward Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood. Service to the station is planned to begin in 2016, and the parking spaces removed for the project construction will be restored upon completion. Also included in this project is a pedestrian bridge over Montlake Boulevard NE.

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Burke-Gilman Trail Reconstruction
University District, Seattle, WA

As part of Burke-Gilman Trail reconstruction through the University District, a two-block stretch of protected bike lanes were created on the south side of NE 40th Street between Brooklyn Avenue NE and NE 15th Street, replacing curbside parking. The bike lanes were created as part of a detour for the Burke-Gilman Trail during reconstruction, and will remain after construction is completed.

Additionally, the traffic signals at NE 40th Street & University Way NE were deactivated and turned into four-way stop signals, and traffic signals at NE 40th Street & 15th Avenue NE were reconfigured to add a pedestrian scramble phase. The new phasing now has a pedestrian-only phase, then an east-west vehicle phase, and then a north-south vehicle phase. Pedestrians are not supposed to cross during the vehicle phases.

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Maple Hall & Terry Hall
1101 NE Campus Parkway, Seattle, WA

Terry Hall is a residence hall built in 1953, with 11 floors and a capacity of 846 residents in double & triple dormitory rooms. Included is Eleven 01 Café, located in a building which connected Terry Hall with the former Lander Hall (1957-2012). Also included are lounges, study rooms, music practice rooms, and underground parking. Terry Hall residents moved next door in December 2013/January 2014 to the new Lander Hall, which replaced the former Lander Hall.

Terry Hall will be demolished and replaced with Maple Hall and the new Terry Hall, with demolition beginning in February 2014 and completion of the new buildings in July 2015. Maple Hall will be at the east end of the site, and the new Terry Hall will be at the west end. Both new buildings will have 8 floors above-ground, with five wood-framed floors above three concrete-framed floors, and an underground parking floor.

Combined, the buildings will be about 440,000 square feet in size, with an estimated capacity of 1150 residents in single & double bedroom suites with private bathrooms. Also included are housing administration offices, common spaces, and an unknown amount of parking spots.

The photo gallery can be found here.

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Photos taken on April 9, 2014.

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