Mountlake Terrace Development Photos: October 2013

Arbor Village Apartments, Mountlake Terrace

Mountlake Terrace currently has a town center plan which involves turning the area along 56th Avenue West (“Main Street”) into a mixed-use urban center. The current area mainly consists of one-story 1950s ramblers and small commercial buildings, and the city is encouraging the building of multi-story residential buildings. These new buildings are largely replacing the common ramblers. I will be using the word “rambler” a fair amount here.

The following photos were taken in Mountlake Terrace on October 26, 2013. The projects featured on this page are ordered from south to north along 56th Ave W. The projects shown here are:

  • Mountlake Senior Living Apartments
  • Kings Gate
  • Kramer Veterinary Clinic
  • 24001 56th Ave W; 5502, 5504, & 5506 240th St SW
  • Maple Court Apartments
  • Arbor Village Apartments
  • 234th Street Townhomes
  • Vineyard Park


Mountlake Senior Living Apartments
5525 244th St SW

Located at the southern border of Mountlake Terrace (and the southern border of Snohomish County), this project includes a 4-story building with 96 affordable senior housing units and 2,214 square feet of commercial space. Parking is located in a garage.

The current site is an empty lot with some trees.

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Kings Gate
24007 56th Ave W

This project is stated to have 3,475 square feet of commercial space and 46 residential units, with surface and garage parking.

The current commercial building on the site appears to be a converted residential rambler with multiple extensions. County records state that it is from 1953.

Another angle of the rambler showing the larger extension. County records indicate that the blue 1926 house on the left is part of the same property.

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Kramer Veterinary Clinic
23914 56th Ave W

This is a small nice-looking two-story commercial building with parking on the side and solar panels on the roof. County records state that it was built in 2006.


24001 56th Ave W; 5502, 5504, & 5506 240th St SW

This is a four-building residential condo and commercial complex. County records state that all buildings are from 2002.

Pictured at center is 24001 56th Ave W. The ground floor has commercial space, and the upper floor is residential.

Pictured above is 5506 240th St SW.

At left is 5506, and at right is 5504.

At left is 5502, at center is 5504, and at right is 5506. Part of 5504 is apparently getting new siding.


Maple Court Apartments
23609 56th Ave W

This building from has two floors of commercial facing 56th Ave W, and apartments & parking toward the back. County records indicate it was built in 2007, but a WMFHA page (linked below) says it was built in 2008.

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Arbor Village Apartments
23601 56th Ave W

Arbor Village is a 5-story building with 123 apartments, 9,500 square feet of retail, 2 floors of underground parking, and various amenities. Designed by Weber Thompson, the building was completed in August 2013. Formerly on this site were 6 ramblers and a small one-story commercial building.

A closer view of the ground-level retail space along 56th Ave W.

The late Atsushi Abe is the father of the owner of developer AFCO & Sons, LLC.

Placed along the new sidewalks are LED streetlamps.

From 55th Ave W & 234th St SW, the apartment building rises above the surrounding ramblers. Some of the ramblers here are endangered as there are plans for townhomes on this street (see 234th Street Townhomes).

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234th Street Townhomes
5501 & 5505 234th St SW

Located off 56th Ave W are two new buildings: 5501 contains 6 townhomes, and 5505 contains a retail unit and a residential unit. The project was completed in 2013, but was initially planned to be built in 2007/2008. The buildings replaced a single rambler from 1951. The developers plan on building more townhomes south of here on 55th Ave W, which would replace more ramblers.

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Vineyard Park
23008 56th Ave W

This project is an assisted-living facility with 80 units and 29-30 memory care beds, 8.241 square feet of commercial space, and 38 surface and garage parking spots. An MLTNews story and a building drawing indicate a 4-story building, while city information indicates a 3-story building.

In the distance, the ramblers look on and see the changing landscape.

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