Southlake Development Photos: August 2013

The following photos are of different building project sites being developed in the Southlake (South Lake Union) neighborhood of Seattle. All photos were taken on August 9, 2013. The projects featured are:

  • Seattle Times Campus
  • 202 Westlake
  • 400 Boren Ave N
  • 501 Fairview Ave N


Seattle Times Campus
1120 John St, 1000 Denny Way, Fairview Ave N & Denny Way

The Seattle Times Campus consists/consisted of multiple buildings around Boren Ave N and Fairview Ave N, which is likely where the paper’s nickname “Fairview Fanny” is derived from. Recently, the Times sold its former headquarters building and a parking lot & private park to Vancouver-based Omni Group. The Times is currently located at 1000 Denny Way, near the same parking lot.

The above two photos show the former headquarters building, which was sold to Omni.

On the northeast corner of the parking lot block is a small private park owned by the Times.

The park is restricted to Seattle Times “employes”. “Employe” is an alternate spelling of “employee”, and is derived from the French word “employé”.

The park has a fountain and benches shaded by large trees.

A series of old streetlights are found between the old headquarters and the park.

At the southwest corner of the parking lot block is an empty lot which used to have a small building on it (1100 Denny Way).

The above three photos show 1000 Denny Way, which the Times shares with other tenants. Located on Denny Way is a news ticker installed in 2012, which is convenient for drivers stuck in traffic during rush hour.

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202 Westlake
202 Westlake Ave N

This recently-completed 129,000 square foot office building at Westlake Ave N & John St is well-designed, and the office space is currently fully leased to Amazon.

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400 Boren Ave N

400 Boren Ave N is a planned 9-story 282-unit apartment building. The photos show the demolition of existing structures on the site.

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501 Fairview Ave N

501 Fairview Ave N is a proposed 270,000 square foot office building with retail and 270 below-grade parking spots. There are 4 vacant wood-framed structures to be demolished at 1114 Republican St, 1116 Republican St, 1118 Republican St, and 1124 Republican St/501 Fairview Ave N. The occupied Walsh Construction office building and the adjacent parking lot at 509 Fairview Ave N will also be demolished.

Shown above is 1114 Republican St (left) and 1116 Republican St (right).

Shown above is 1118 Republican St (left) and 1124 Republican St/501 Fairview Ave N (right).

Shown above is 1124 Republican St/501 Fairview Ave N (left) and 509 Fairview Ave N (right).

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Photos taken on August 9, 2013.

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