Naketa Beach, Mukilteo

Naketa Beach is a small area located along the Puget Sound shoreline in Mukilteo, wedged between the water and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway tracks. The area consists of cabins, cottages, and a beach. They are only accessible by land through a private road (not including walking between the water and the railway tracks during low tide).

Location from Google Maps:

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The road to Naketa Beach (Naketa Beach Road) starts at the end of 86th Place Southwest. At the road’s beginning is a sign restricting passage to “residents and invited guests”, and telling others to “keep out”. The road winds down the slope towards Puget Sound, passing by some houses. The road ends at a parking area near the water, and further access is through Naketa Beach Walk. The pedestrian path crosses a railway at-grade, and provides access to a series of cabins and cottages between the water and the railway tracks, some dating back to the 1930s.

Shown above is the start of Naketa Beach Road at the end of 86th Place Southwest.

The other arrow points toward a private road extension of 86th Place Southwest, which serves several other homes.

I have found no evidence on whether the beach itself is private or public. Located nearby is Naketa Beach Ravine, an undeveloped park, but the park does not extend to the shoreline or the beach.

There is a YouTube video filmed from Naketa Beach, showing the beach, cabins, and cottages.


All photos were taken on June 6, 2013.

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