Haines Wharf Park, Edmonds

Located in the Meadowdale neighborhood of Edmonds, Haines Wharf Park opened in 2010 on what was a plot of empty land. Named after the nearby Haines Wharf, the small park contains playgrounds, tables, lawns, and an overlook.

The park is owned by the City of Edmonds. The park’s construction exceeded the budgeted cost due to poor soil conditions and elevation issues, partly caused by the park’s location on a small section of hillside.


Parking is available along 75th Place West, at the top of the park.

At the top of the park, there is a seating area with a viewing scope which does not require a coin for use. Also found here is a “scenic identifier” pointing out the locations of landmarks and other locations viewable from the park.

Located on an intermediate level of the park are some picnic tables. The park is fairly new, so many of the plants have not grown enough yet to cover the dirt.

A staircase lined with benches connects the upper and lower portions of the park, located adjacent to the relatively steep 162nd Street Southwest.


The park’s toilet facility is a Honey Bucket portable toilet surrounded by fencing for aesthetic purposes. Next to it is a drinking fountain.

The main portion of the park contains a lawn, benches, swings, a jungle gym, and a slide.

The slide is built onto the hillside and is fairly long compared to other slides.

What appears to be a sewage/wastewater lift station is under construction on the western end of the park. The green structure is a backup power generator.

Visible from the park is Haines Wharf, a former boating wharf which was in operation from 1939 to 2001. The railway crossing to the wharf was removed several years after the wharf’s closure, and the wharf remains abandoned.


Park address: 16121 75th Place West, Edmonds, WA 98026

Photos taken on June 6, 2013.

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