HAWK Beacon Signals for Pedestrian Crossings


HAWK beacon signal on Edmonds Way, Edmonds

A newer form of pedestrian crossing signal is the HAWK beacon signal, which overall is a compromise between a flashing yellow beacon and a standard traffic signal. With slowly increasing use in the Seattle area, there are some advantages and disadvantages to them.

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News Roundup: Cottage Rentals

A collection of recent news:

  • Cities adopt rules on aggressive panhandling, camping (May 9, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Town Center Property Sold to Townhome Developer (May 11, 2015, nextMLT)
  • Update: Enhancing safety for students who must cross street to Madrona School too expensive, says city (May 13, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Access To Everett’s Howarth Park Beach Closed Until 2016 (May 13, 2015, My Everett News)
  • Cedar Cottages for Rent Starting at $1,600 (May 13, 2015, nextMLT)
  • YMCA Tops Housing Developers For Everett School District Colby Property (May 15, 2015, My Everett News)
  • Pedestrian improvements coming to 164th St. SW (May 15, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Growth puts Snohomish County planners in tough spot (May 16, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • High expectations drive downtown Everett building boom (May 17, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Cedar Cottages expected to open in June as rentals (May 18, 2015, MLTnews)

  • Lynnwood City Council passes ban on shipping containers in residential zones (May 18, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Bartell Drugs’ new Lynnwood store set to open Friday (May 19, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Mountlake Terrace City Council passes amendment to driveway standards ordinance (May 19, 2015, MLTnews)
  • Commentary: Why Edmonds needs a new tree code (May 20, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Have your say about proposed Edmonds Tree Code at May 27 Planning Board meeting (May 20, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Lynnwood bustles with work on Costco, new apartments (May 20, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • City of Everett Tells Campers Along Snohomish River They Must Leave, Offers Help (May 21, 2015, My Everett News)

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How Snohomish County Zoning Is Hobbling a Neighborhood

Land use sign and "Save Our Neighborhood" sign previously at the Axis Apartments site

Land use notice and “Save Our Neighborhood” sign previously at the income-restricted Axis Apartments site

Located between Everett and Mukilteo is the Fairmount neighborhood, where current conditions, recent development, and changing interests on where people want to live is now putting it and similar neighborhoods at risk of going into decline.

While new homes in places like Seattle and the Eastside are often higher-end with high rents unaffordable to many, several suburban areas are now seeing more construction of lower-end housing, with older housing depreciating without being remodeled or replaced. This is particularly the case in some unincorporated areas such as this one.

The culprit is the land use policies of unincorporated Snohomish County, which have several flaws and are often inconsistent with city policies.

This has led to haphazard and poorly-placed zones, density located away from neighborhood centers and adequate transit, housing developments with bad layouts and designs, problematic businesses near homes, and in the worst cases undesirable neighborhoods with crime issues. At the same time unincorporated areas have a lack of public amenities compared to incorporated areas, even though many unincorporated areas allow for denser development.

Meanwhile, the county has planned upzones in this neighborhood and others, and this would further these problems and create more examples of the worst of suburban sprawl.

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News Roundup: Shipping Containers

A collection of recent news:

  • Mountlake Terrace launches special Comp Plan update website (April 24, 2015, MLTnews)
  • Lynnwood City Council schedules Public Hearing on proposal to ban shipping containers in residential zones (April 26, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • City issues Determination of Non-significance for Highway 99 housing project; public comment period closes May 8 (April 26, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Mountlake Terrace Planning Commission to hold Public Hearing on amendment to driveway standards at Monday’s meeting (April 26, MLTnews)
  • Vineyard Park applies for property tax abatement (April 26, 2015, MLTnews)
  • 1st Tenants Announced For Market at Potala Place in Everett (April 28, 2015, My Everett News)
  • New Lynnwood Costco expected to open in August (April 30, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Is Everett Ready For Uber? (May 4, 2015, My Everett News)
  • Mukilteo seeks ideas for park at Japanese Gulch (May 5, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Dozens camp out, waiting for Lynnwood Chick-fil-A to open (May 6, 2015, The Herald Business Journal)
  • Mountlake Terrace City Council passes Right of Way appeal procedure (May 6, 2015, MLTnews)
  • Chick-fil-A opens in Lynnwood without a mob scene (May 7, 2015, The Everett Herald)

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Edmonds Development Photos: April 2015

100 Block 2nd Avenue N

100 Block 2nd Avenue N

The following photos are of different project sites in Edmonds. The projects shown here are:

  • Swedish Edmonds Expansion
  • Salish Crossing
  • 100 Block 2nd Avenue N

The photo gallery can be found here.

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News Roundup: Street Crime

A collection of recent news:

  • Hearing examiner recommends approval of bleachers and fencing — but not lights — for Woodway playfield project (April 10, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Lynnwood Chick-fil-A set to open May 7 (April 10, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Is Everett Declaring War Against Those Experiencing Homelessness? (April 11, 2015, My Everett News)
  • Work about to begin on Atworth Commons housing project (April 11, 2015, MLTnews)
  • Everett gang violence appears to be on rise (April 12, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Plan to tackle homelessness in Everett hits resistance (April 13, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Lynnwood City Council approves Development Agreement for CityCenter Apartments project (April 14, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Strong turnout for public meeting to discuss future of Ballinger Park (April 14, 2015, MLTnews)
  • Access To Everett’s Edgewater Beach Is Back Open (April 15, 2015, My Everett News)
  • Alcohol Impact Area Passes, Panhandling Ordinance Fails at Marathon Everett City Council Meeting (April 15, 2015, My Everett News)
  • From the Edmonds Mayor: The new Westgate (April 16, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Community Transit Joins the Real Time Party (April 16, 2015, Seattle Transit Blog)

  • Future of Everett’s Historic Longfellow Building Uncertain (April 18, 2015, My Everett News)
  • As Broadway in North Everett Changes, EvCC and WSU Reach Out to Neighbors (April 19, 2015, My Everett News)
  • Construction underway on new WinCo supermarket at former TOP Food store (April 20, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Council to research feasibility of buying Edmonds Conference Center (April 22, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Worker Injured When Floor Collapses At South Everett Construction Site (April 22, 2015, My Everett News)
  • Lynnwood’s City Center to include two apartment complexes, hotel (April 22, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Crane Aerospace & Electronics plans to expand Lynnwood facility (April 22, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Mukilteo leads parking garage study (April 22, 2015, Mukilteo Beacon)

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Everett Development Photos: March 2015


Courtyard by Marriott Everett

The following photos are of different project sites in Everett. All photos were taken on November 10, 2014. The projects shown here are:

  • The Towns at Silver Lake
  • Northlake Court Townhomes
  • The Reserve at Everett
  • 3515 Hoyt Avenue
  • Potala Market Place
  • Aero Apartments
  • Courtyard by Marriott Everett
  • Trinity Lutheran College

Area-wise, the 1st & 2nd projects are in Southeast Everett, the 3rd project is in South Everett, and the rest are in & around Downtown Everett. The photo gallery can be found here.

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News Roundup: Transit Safety

A collection of recent news:

  • Lynnwood road is sinking an inch per year (March 26, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Travelers feels unsafe at Everett Station, report finds (March 30, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • From the Edmonds Mayor: The importance of a vibrant community (April 3, 2015, My Edmonds News)

  • Residents urge Edmonds School District to sell property next to Esperance Park to Snohomish County Parks (April 3, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Compromise courthouse plan adds 300 parking spaces not there before (April 6, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Liias: Senate’s proposed Capital Budget funds Civic Center field land acquisition, Edmonds Pier renovation, Meadowdale playfields (April 8, 2015, My Edmonds News)

  • Rezone of Edmonds’ Westgate commercial area approved, with amendments (April 8, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Manor Hardware building torn down (April 8, 2015, Lynnwood Today)

  • Xfinity Arena at Everett Paints A Bleak Financial Picture Including $700k For A Scoreboard (April 9, 2015, My Everett News)

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The I-5 Peak-Hour HOV-3 Lanes Idea

Northbound I-5 in Lynnwood

Northbound I-5 in Lynnwood

On most workday mornings, thousands of people in the Seattle area commute on Interstate 5 by moving slowly down the freeway. On most workday afternoons, thousands of people in the Seattle area commute on Interstate 5 by moving slowly down the freeway.

Whether its by driving alone in a car, driving with someone else, riding a bus, or driving or riding in a carpool or vanpool, they move slowly down the freeway.

Many of these people commute on buses, vehicles which can carry more people per 40 feet of road space than cars can in the same 40 feet. These buses use high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes which allow for buses and vehicles with two persons in them (HOV-2), but they increasingly get stuck behind said cars.

WSDOT has a standard where the HOV lanes should have traffic moving at least 45 miles per hour 90% of the time during rush hour. This standard is a condition for receiving federal funding for the lanes, but this is not being met due to too many vehicles in the HOV lanes. If this standard continues to not be met, WSDOT risks losing future federal funding.

WSDOT is currently studying HOV-3 lanes in conjunction with the I-405 high-occupancy toll (HOT) lane project, but standalone conversions of HOV-2 lanes don’t appear politically feasible at this time. Community Transit, which has to deal with having its buses stuck in I-5 traffic, has asked for HOV-3 lanes, but the lanes remain unchanged.

To fix I-5’s HOV lanes, the number of vehicles in the lanes has to be lowered.

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News Roundup: Apartments

A collection of recent news:

  • Parents raise health concerns about turf fields planned for Woodway campus (March 13, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Work continuing on new SHAG senior living complex (March 14, 2015, MLTnews)
  • City Council passes emergency ordinance regarding filing of dueling land-use applications (March 18, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • In comments to state, Port of Edmonds takes stand against increasing Harbor Square buffers (March 20, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Details on Aero Apartments at Hewitt and Rucker in Downtown Everett (March 20, 2015, My Everett News)
  • 102 new apartments opening in downtown Everett this summer (March 23, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • City Council schedules Public Hearing on City Center Apartment project for April 13 (March 24, 2015, Lynnwood Today)
  • Setbacks, form-based code questioned as council once again takes up Westgate (March 25, 2015, My Edmonds News)
  • Why home builders flock to one Puget Sound-area hot spot (March 25, 2015, The Everett Herald)
  • Mukilteo gets $1 million in mitigation fees (March 25, 2015, Mukilteo Beacon)
  • Edmonds School District Board hears from opponents of ‘recycled tire’ turf fields (March 26, 2015, My Edmonds News)

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